We remember a time when tiny houses had scarcely any room in their bedrooms for more than a bed. Actually, we remember back when most tiny houses didn’t even have a bedroom—only a loft.

That has changed in the past few years, however. Many tiny houses now have surprisingly roomy downstairs bedrooms. That is especially true of park model homes.

Still, even the most spacious tiny house bedroom is smaller than what you might be used to. That means you may need to get clever about storage. If you do though, you will be surprised by just how much of your stuff you can fit in your bedroom. Let’s go over some tips and tricks.

  1. Choose a layout with a spacious downstairs bedroom.

Pictured above is the Athens Champion APH 527. Look how much floor space there is in this bedroom, along with plenty of open wall space.

Maximizing storage in your park model home bedroom all starts with choosing a layout that includes generous space. The more space you have to work with, the more you can store.

  1. Pick a home that has built-in storage around the bed.

Park Model Homes Liberty 260 Bedroom

Something we do to make it easy for our buyers to stay organized in their park model home bedrooms is to create built-in storage that goes around the headboard of the bed. You can see an example in the image above of the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Liberty.

As you can see, absolutely no space on this wall goes to waste. There are closed cabinets above the headboard for a neat, tidy appearance, and open shelves to either side for convenience. There are also bedside tables with more storage below the open shelves.

  1. Consider putting in a smaller bed.

Park Model Homes 122 15ft wide Bedroom

Our park model home downstairs bedrooms feature enough room to accommodate a queen size bed.

But it is worth considering whether you really need a queen size bed. If you are sleeping by yourself in the downstairs bedroom, think about how much extra floor space you could keep open by opting for a twin size bed instead. You could then use some of that additional space to put in more storage.

  1. Make use of your wall space.

Champion Athens APH-528 - Bedroom

This image shows off the bedroom in the Athens-Champion 528 model. As you can see, there is a ton of open wall space here just waiting to be put to good use.

Of course, you probably want to leave some of it open to keep the spacious look, but some floating shelves would increase your storage space while maintaining an uncluttered appearance.

  1. Put stuff on top of your closets.

This photo shows more of the built-in storage that we offer in our park model homes. Here, you are looking at the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Denali.

As you can see, there is a huge amount of storage space to work with here. You should be able to fit a lot into the two closets and the chest of drawers.

The space on top of the chest of drawers is intended for a TV, but you could use it for more storage if you want.

Notice how much space there also is on top of the closets. It would be easy to overlook these spots, but they offer you additional room to store some more items.

  1. Try folding your clothes instead of hanging them.

With closets like those you see in the photo above, you have room to hang your clothes if you want. But we suggest you maybe skip that altogether.

Hanging clothing is actually not a very economical use of space. You can store a lot more clothing in a small space by folding your garments instead.

Try doing it the way Marie Kondo teaches:

  1. Fold a garment lengthwise in half.
  1. Now, fold the garment in half in the other direction.
  1. In that same direction, fold it again into thirds.

The result should be a compact, stackable little bundle.

Folding your clothes like this can save you room in your drawers. But you can also install some shelves in your closets, and then stack up more of your clothes inside. You will find that you can fit a ton more in your closet this way.

As a bonus, you probably will have an easier time pulling your clothes out as well. If you have a lot of densely packed hanging garments in your wardrobe, it can be really hard to tug out what you want (especially without tearing it). But when your clothes are all folded, you just reach in and grab what you need.

Additionally, you may promote better circulation of air in your closets when you use this technique. This can help to prevent mildew.

You might be wondering if folding all your clothes will take you longer than putting them on hangars. Surprisingly, it really does not take a lot more time.

A Park Model Home’s Downstairs Bedroom Can be Packed with Storage Space

Park model home bedrooms may be smaller than a lot of bedrooms in traditional homes, but as you can see, you can fit a lot into them. It is just a matter of choosing a bedroom with the right layout and storage solutions, and then making the most of them.

If you enjoyed this post, you may also like reading about how to organize your tiny house bathroom and kitchen.  During your consultation, we can help you choose a layout for your park model home that will help you maximize storage space. Contact us now to get started.