One concern a lot of people have when considering purchasing a tiny house is, “How am I going to have enough room in my kitchen?”

It is a misconception that tiny house kitchens have to be cramped. Actually, with a park model home, you may be surprised by just how roomy and accommodating the kitchen can be.

In fact, we specialize in homes that contain so much built-in storage in the kitchen that you probably will have no challenges at all when it comes to storing your ingredients, pots and pans, dishes and cutlery.

Nevertheless, you might still be looking for some tips and tricks for efficient organization and storage in your tiny house kitchen. Let’s go over some ideas now.

1. Use the space against the backsplash.

With wide counters like those you see here in the Champion Athens – APH 518, you have plenty of room to store some items up against your backsplash. Notice also how much space there is above the stove in this kitchen. You could install extra storage in that spot and it wouldn’t even look crowded.

2. Install floating shelves.

Floating shelves are a great option for making use of extra wall space in tiny house kitchens. Their low-profile designs make for a neat, clutter-free look, and help you to increase storage while maintaining an open, airy appearance. Additionally, you can distribute them as needed to accommodate the space you have available and the items you want to store.

3. Place items on top of cabinets.

In the image we shared above of the Woodland Park Front Kitchen model, you might have noticed another simple idea for storage in your tiny house kitchen that is surprisingly easy to overlook. That idea is to store some items on top of your cabinets. Having a park model home with a high ceiling makes it easy to take advantage of this extra storage space that might otherwise go to waste.

4. Store items inside the kitchen island.

Park Model Homes Grand Teton Kitchen

In this photo, we are looking at the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Grand Tetons model. At a glance, it is easy to see why we gave this park model home the name “Grand Tetons.”  It is so spacious that at times, you might forget it is not a full-size home. In fact, even with a island, there is still a ton of open floor space in the kitchen.

Notice there is a door in the kitchen island, which opens up to reveal a roomy cabinet. This is another excellent trick to adding more storage to your tiny house kitchen without intruding on your usable space. You can work or eat at the kitchen island, so it is pulling triple duty.

5. Move into a tiny house that features a smart layout and packs in lots of kitchen cabinets.

As we mentioned at the start of this post, one of the keys to maximizing storage in the kitchen and keeping everything organized is choosing the right floor plan to begin with.

Some park model homes have very clever layouts that add storage to the kitchen in unexpected ways. For example, consider the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Woodlands Vault, named for its creative storage “vault.”

There are plenty of cabinets in this kitchen below the counters and above them. But there is also a surprise storage area underneath the raised living room floor. You can open a couple of cabinet doors to access it. This zone is perfect for storing your large appliances and cookware, and leaves the kitchen entirely unobstructed.

It also does not intrude on the space in the living room. If anything, the raised floor helps to establish the living room as its own separate space, which is another benefit.

With clever storage solutions like this one, you may very well find yourself with more places to organize all your kitchenware than you would have in a standard kitchen in a full-size home!

This raised floor design also offers some more storage space you can access from the outside of the park model house.

6. Make use of hanging storage.

Another way you can expand the storage available in your kitchen is to hang storage. There are a few different ideas here:

Place racks on the walls from which you can hang pots and pans.
Hang cookware from brackets on the ceiling.
Hang baskets from the ceiling in which you can store smaller items.
Install hanging storage underneath your kitchen cabinets (i.e. for glasses, jars, etc.).

If you want to make use of hanging storage, it will be easiest in a park model house that boasts a high ceiling.

7. Install custom storage.

One last idea for expanding kitchen storage in tiny houses is to install custom solutions. For example, if you have a narrow space between your cabinets and your refrigerator, it is probably going to waste right now. You can install a shelf that you can slide out for easy access, and then slide back out of sight when you are done. A lot of people use these slide-out shelves for their spices.

Move Into a Park Model Home with a Spacious Kitchen

There is no reason you cannot store just as many dishes, appliances and ingredients in a tiny house kitchen as you can in any kitchen in a regular-sized home. You just need a tiny home with a smart layout that dedicates plenty of space to the kitchen and which already is packed with cabinets to get you started.

You can let us know during your consultation what you are looking for in terms of kitchen storage space, and we can point you toward park models that can fit your needs. Please contact us today to get started. We look forward to getting you into a beautiful tiny home where you can enjoy the kitchen of your dreams.