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  • Cascade


    This beautiful park model from Palm Harbor measures 34’ x 11’2” for 383 square feet of cozy living space. An optional porch welcomes you home to the Cascade, which features a large combined living room and dining room leading into a kitchen with a full suite of appliances. In the back are the bathroom with a spacious shower and generous vanity and a downstairs bedroom. This home also features a Standard Loft which you can use as an additional sleeping space or as a flex space. To learn more about the Palm Harbor Cascade Lodge or to personalize this charming home, please give us a call.

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  • Cascadia


    At 383 square feet, the Cascadia is the spacious park model home you’ve been looking for. An optional sheltered porch adds additional square footage, inviting you into the roomy seating area. The kitchen includes ample counter and cabinet space, a double sink, and Whirlpool appliances, as well as a spot to hook up your washer and dryer. Additional cabinet and counter space to the right of the steps can serve as an extension to the kitchen, or you can use it for other storage or display needs. Behind the kitchen is a roomy bathroom and a downstairs bedroom. The standard loft above measures 12’6” x 11’10”, providing you with even more square footage for comfortable living.

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  • Palm Harbor - Lodge - Coastal Breeze - Exterior (1)

    Coastal Breeze

    Coastal Breeze

    The Palm Harbor Coastal Breeze Lodge is a stunning home featuring a large, sheltered porch with a pitched roof. Stepping inside, you enter a sitting room with large windows and a high ceiling. A full suite of appliances awaits you in the kitchen. This home also features a nook for a washer and dryer, a bathroom, a downstairs bedroom, and a spacious loft with a beautiful railing. With 392 square feet of space, this roomy tiny house is ideal for a single occupant, a couple or a family.

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  • Hall Park Model (Discounted)

    Hall Park Model (Discounted)

    The Palm Harbor Hall Lodge Park Model is a charming lofted home featuring a huge front porch. Outdoors lovers will enjoy relaxing or entertaining under the awning and will also appreciate the views through the large windows in the spacious sitting room. The kitchen features Whirlpool appliances, and there is room for a stacked washer and dryer. With its roomy loft and its downstairs bedroom, this home can comfortably accommodate a family. Ready to make it your own? Call today for a personalized quote.

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  • High Sierra

    High Sierra

    The Palm Harbor High Sierra Lodge is a spacious non-lofted tiny house measuring 394 square feet. Featuring optional porches, this model offers a combination of indoor and outdoor living space in which to build a lifetime of memories. A connected dining and living room featuring large windows leads to an adjoining kitchen. A short passage leads past the bathroom beyond to the downstairs bedroom, which comes with a pair of closets and space for a TV. You can find out more about the Palm Harbor High Sierra Lodge park model by contacting us.

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  • Pacific


    Welcome to the Palm Harbor Pacific Lodge, a 35’ long home measuring 11’2” wide for 386 square feet of luxurious space. With such a roomy layout, no wonder we named it after the world’s largest ocean! With two optional porches, a spacious living and dining room, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a large bathroom and downstairs bedroom, you will be living in total comfort. You can open up the interior even more with an optional bayed window. And did we mention the 10’6” x 13’4” loft? Whether you are shopping for a home for just you or for a family, you can personalize the Pacific to fit your needs. Call us now for a custom quote.

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  • Pacifica


    The Palm Harbor Pacifica Lodge is a 388-square-foot park model that features a 10’6” x 13’4” loft in addition to a downstairs bedroom. On the opposite end of the house is the light-filled living room and combined dining area. There is an option for bayed windows as well as a box-out window with a window seat to further enhance the spaciousness of the interior. The kitchen comes with a full suite of modern appliances, and the bathroom includes a flush toilet and a roomy shower. You also have the option of adding a porch for comfortable outdoor living space. Find out all the ways you can customize the Pacifica by giving us a call today or clicking for a custom price quote.

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  • Shasta


    Discover 357 square feet of customizable space in the form of the Palm Harbor Shasta Lodge. This enchanting park model features a 10’7” x 10’6” living room with an optional bayed window. With full appliances ready for you in the kitchen and a large bathroom with a spacious shower, the Shasta Lodge is the turnkey tiny home you have been looking for. The downstairs bedroom includes options for a headboard module as well as a box window with a window seat or another bayed window. You also can customize this home with a porch. Click “Get a Custom Price Quote” to personalize the Shasta Lodge now.

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  • Sierra


    The keys to your spacious tiny dream home await you. Open the door to the Palm Harbor Sierra Lodge, a 389-square-foot non-lofted beauty with a downstairs bedroom featuring the option for a bayed window or a back porch. You can access the fully featured bathroom on your way from the bedroom to the kitchen, where a full suite of appliances await you. The combined living room and dining area feature a bayed window and the option for an entertainment center with prep in place for a flat-screen TV. You can further personalize this part of the home with a front porch. Get a custom quote now.

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  • Siskiyou


    The Palm Harbor Siskiyou Lodge is a 357-square-foot non-lofted park model home with numerous customization options. Large windows draw natural light throughout the interior, with the option for a bayed window in the living room as well as an entertainment center and front porch. A full suite of kitchen appliances and a bathroom with a roomy shower and flush toilet lead to the downstairs bedroom in the back of the home. Here you have the option for a headboard module. Also, you can choose a box window with window seat, bayed window, or a door leading to a back porch. Request your custom quote now.

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