What is a Park Model Home?

Our park model tiny homes are the best of both worlds! Built durable and sturdy just like a stick-build home, but titled as an RV. Move it onto your own property or into a park and live large in a tiny house!

We have many different floor plans to suit different tastes and needs! We have both lofted and non-lofted units, optional front and rear porches, appliance upgrades (stack-able washer/dryer combos, stainless steel packages, etc.) and many more unique design features! We offer in-house financing and discounts for cash purchases. We’ll work to help you design the perfect park model home for any budget!

A great feature of these tiny homes is the fact that they look and feel like a stick-build home, but since it is built onto a wheeled-chassis (which can be removed after delivery for placement on a semi-permanent foundation) the home is classified as an RV and is easily movable! With each custom order you get to choose all your design options, such as your counter-tops, carpet, siding, roofing, and more!

Style your home the way you want it with many options for no additional cost. No foundation required to park these model homes. We ship and deliver straight to you! Can run on 50-amp service with propane or natural gas, or all-electric (100-amp) service. Ties in to a septic system or external holding tanks. Can hook up to city water or a natural well-water system. Simply place your custom order and have it delivered to your location, turn-key and ready to live in!

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