There was a time when bathrooms in tiny houses were basically little closets with barely enough room for a toilet and a sink basin. But the bathrooms of today’s tiny homes have evolved to be comfortable and accommodating, especially in park model houses.

Still, having a relatively small bathroom may leave you scratching your head as to where you can store all of your stuff. In this post, we offer some recommendations for making the most of your tiny house bathroom space.

1. Buy a tiny home that features a spacious bathroom with built-in storage.

One of the best ways to fit a lot of stuff into a tiny house bathroom is to buy a home that already includes a roomy bathroom with plenty of cabinets.

Pictured here is the popular Woodland Park Timber Ridge Woodlands Vault model. As you can see, the bathroom features a luxurious amount of counter space with ample storage cabinets above and below. Additional storage is located above the toilet.

Even though the walls are pretty much covered in cabinets, there is still plenty of standing room in the middle of the bathroom, and it doesn’t feel crowded.

2. Keep your counter clear.

One thing you will notice in the image above is that the countertop is clear and open. When you have a lot of counter space, it can be tempting to use it for storage. But we suggest you avoid doing this. With a clear counter in the bathroom, you maintain an uncluttered look. Plus, you have more room to work with when you need it.

3. Set items on top of cabinets.

Below is an image of the Champion Athens Park Model APH-528. Notice that there is some open space on top of the cabinet on the left that sits on the counter.

Champion Athens APH-528 - Bathroom Sink

If you have space like this in your tiny house bathroom, you can treat it like an open shelf and use it for additional storage.

4. Add a floating shelf over a window or door.

Speaking of shelving, if you do not have a lot of open wall space, but you want more shelves, look for clever locations where you can install floating shelves.

Park Model Homes Liberty 260 Bathroom

In this picture of the Woodland Park Liberty 260, most of the wall space is already taken up by existing cabinets. But there is some room on the right for additional storage, including that little space right above the window.

A lot of people completely ignore the space above windows and doors in bathrooms, but these spots typically offer just enough room for a floating shelf.

5. Get a tiny house with a hall closet or under-stair shelves for overflow.

We think that if you get a park model home that already features plenty of cabinets in the bathroom and/or room for floating shelves, you probably will have more than enough room to store everything you need to in the bathroom. But what if you still need more space?

At that point, the solution is to choose a home layout that can accommodate your extra items, but keep them within easy reach of the bathroom. There are a couple of possibilities.

This home is the Champion Athens Park Model APH-518. As you can see, there is a large closet in the hall right next to the bathroom. Hall closets in park model homes often are used for washers and dryers, but if you want, you can dedicate all or part of the hall closet to storage.

So, this would be the perfect place to put your towels and washcloths, for example, freeing up space in the bathroom cabinets for everything else you want to store in there.

Below, you can see another solution for bathroom storage overflow:

Here you are looking at the Woodlands Vault model again. The stairs leading up to the loft are located directly across from the bathroom in this layout. Underneath the stairs are some storage shelves. If you wanted, you could use them for some of your bathroom supplies. It would be super easy to grab what you need; you would just need to step out of the bathroom.

6. Consider adding some hanging storage in the shower.

Don’t forget that there may also be ways to add more storage in your park model home shower. For example, you can purchase a set of hanging basket shelves that you can fit over the showerhead.

Tiny Houses Can Be Big on Bathroom Storage

As you can see, living in a tiny house does not mean you need to sacrifice storage in the bathroom. Let’s briefly review some of the key points that we learned:

Many park model home layouts already include bathrooms packed with storage cabinets.

If you have some open wall space, you can install extra shelves in the bathroom, including above doors and windows in spaces that would otherwise be wasted.

Keeping your counter clear helps keep the bathroom looking clean and tidy.

You can choose a park model home layout that features additional storage space directly outside the bathroom if you are still looking for some extra space.

If you enjoyed this post, you will also want to check out 7 Tips for Organization and Storage in Your Tiny House Kitchen. Stay tuned in the future for some more posts that help you with storage and organization in other rooms of your tiny house.

Ready to buy a park model home with a spacious bathroom that is packed with storage? Please give us a call today to get started.