Where are your locations and what models do you offer?

Here at Park Model Homes we sell nationwide so depending on the location where the unit will be going will help us identify what plant we will want to build the park model and what model is available. We offer over 8 different builders nation wide so we will have a plant within a couple hundred miles from your location.

Where can I put a Park Model?

Most RV parks and some mobile home parks will allow Park Models.
If you want to place it on private property you need to check with your county building department and ask if you can place a Park Trailer/Park Model on your property. Park Models are an RV and they are built to RV codes not HUD Manufactured home specs. In these counties (and you’ll need to clarify with your County) it would help to ask for information pertaining to efficiency units, mother in law units, accessory dwelling suites.

Why are Park Models only 400 square feet?

That would be the designation of an RV. Anything over 400 square feet falls into the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes. When getting a HUD home now you will need certain permits, plot plans, foundations, and inspections. Keep in mind that the Loft’s floor plans do not include the loft space within the 399 square foot restriction. The loft is a half-height loft so by building codes it is not livable space. Also when adding a porch weather its on the front or the rear this would also fall into the non-livable square footage so this would be considered bonus sq. ft . you would have gotten otherwise.

Can I custom order a Park Model?

Yes. Keep in mind that Park Models meet all of RVIA code regulations. As long as we meet all of those requirements we can customize to a certain extent. Which we will identify when doing our free consultation what we can and cannot do in the design. Be aware that any changes to a floor plan will result in engineering fees. Engineering fees most of the time engineering fees range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.

Does Park Model Homes Inc. offer factory direct pricing and or Volume discounts for campgrounds?

Yes, Park Model Homes Inc. offers “factory direct pricing” and can include delivery and set up if needed. You purchase the Park Model Home of your choosing starting from the floor plan, options, and décor/colors you want and it is delivered direct from the factory to you. “Factory Direct” does not mean you are purchasing a unit from the factory. Factories do not sell retail so those that advertise that you are purchasing from the factory that is not a true statement. We offer wholesale pricing and customize it to your spec. When a campground or private parties inquire about multiple unit purchases we do offer even sweeter deals for those individuals buying more than one unit.

I have a one ton pickup and tow large trailers with it. Can I tow my own Park Model?

The answer to this is no you will need commercial driver’s license to tow an oversized unit. The trailer you are towing is 8′ wide and less than 14′ in height. You are not required to pull County road permits or have pilot cars. Also, when a commercial driver tows he is insured for the coverage of your unit typically covered with a $1,000,000 insurance bond. When putting together our quotes we will provide you with the shipping expense and timeframe for delivery. If you ever decide you want to move it later on you can contact us or our delivery driver and he will be able to help schedule shipment

Doesn’t the driver install the Park Model when it is delivered?

In a typical setting the driver doesn’t set up the unit depending on where it is going we have set up companies that can set up same day when it delivers. It is a case by case scenario.