In a recent post, we shared some tips to help you maximize storage and organization in a tiny house kitchen.

That is only one facet of learning how to cook in a tiny house kitchen, however. In this post we will go over some additional tips and tricks that will make it easy to prepare your favorite meals in a smaller space.

  1. Choose a layout with a spacious kitchen.

The first thing you can do to make cooking easy in a tiny house kitchen is to pick a floor plan that maximizes the space you have available for cooking.

A tiny house does not have to have a tiny kitchen! Just look how roomy this kitchen is in the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Carlsbad model:

This kitchen is no smaller than many kitchens you can find in full-size homes. It offers just as much cabinet and counter space, so working in it is not at all challenging. In fact, you may have very few adaptations to make.

One thing we love about this particular kitchen is that it maximizes the advantage of working in a small space. Since the counter is angled around the central space, the chef standing there can quickly and easily reach everything on every side while hardly having to move. This design reduces fatigue and makes it a breeze to prepare meals, serve them, and clean up afterwards.

  1. Plan out your cooking in advance.

In scenarios where your counter space is more restricted, it helps if you can mentally “map out” how you will distribute cookware while you progress through your recipe steps. Otherwise, you can find yourself struggling to know where to put things. Planning ahead will ensure everything comes together smoothly.

  1. Get a high faucet.

Champion Athens APH-522 - Kitchen 6

Our park model homes feature sinks with high, swooping faucets. These types of faucets make it so much easier for you to wash your dishes when space is limited than traditional faucets.

  1. Clean as you go.

One of the most important things you can do when you are cooking in a small kitchen is to clean your dishes as you go, rather than waiting until the end to start washing and drying.

Doing this will free up critical counter space, ensuring that you always have somewhere to work. You’ll also be glad after you eat when you do not have as much cleanup to take care of!

  1. Get a cover for your sink.

One simple trick to increasing your available work space in a tiny house kitchen is simply to purchase a cover you can fit over top of your sink. These are usually designed to function as cutting boards.

You will be amazed by what a difference this makes. Except for when you are washing your dishes, you can keep the cover on the rest of the time, taking full advantage of the flexibility it grants you.

  1. Prep work first, cooking after.

Cooking invariably involves a lot of multitasking. You are probably used to doing some prep work (i.e. chopping and dicing), then starting some cooking, then doing more prep work while that is going on, and so forth.

But you will discover that this can be quite overwhelming in a small space. Even though it might tack on a bit more time, it can often be worth it to do all of the prep work you can first, and then start cooking.

  1. Use a kitchen island.

If you were living in, say, a traditional recreational vehicle, you probably wouldn’t have room for a kitchen island; your home would be too narrow, and you’d need all the floor space in your kitchen for standing.

But park model houses are wider than regular RVs, and also wider than a lot of other tiny homes on the market. That means that there is often enough space for a kitchen island.

A kitchen island is your friend. It converts space that would otherwise be wasted into additional storage and counter space. A movable island can be positioned exactly where you find it most convenient.

  1. Manage distractions.

Park Model Homes 527 Rustic Living Room

As this image of the 527 Rustic model shows, the kitchen is often the heart of a tiny house, with the rest of the home essentially built around it. The loft is situated right above the kitchen, and the living room adjoins it.

This arrangement can be convenient in that the person who is cooking can stay connected to other members of the family. Plus, warmth from the cooking can spread to the rest of the house in winter, making it cozy.

But it also can have some drawbacks if you are easily distracted while you work. So, we recommend letting other members of your household know when you need to focus on your recipes. You also can set up baby gates on either end of a kitchen like this to reduce interruptions from pets.

Get Your Perfect Tiny House Dream Kitchen

Now you know more about how to cook in a tiny house kitchen successfully, even if you want to prepare a complex recipe.

You will get used to it much faster than you think, and eventually, you will wonder why so many people think they need huge kitchens.

As we mentioned near the start of this post, the sacrifices of space can be quite minimal if you choose a park model home with the right layout.

Please give us a call if you are shopping for a tiny home with a spacious and accommodating kitchen. We can point you toward some models that may be ideal for your needs.