In a recent post, we explained some of the reasons keeping a tiny house clean is easier than you think.

Still, if you want to clean your park model home as efficiently as possible, it helps to have a few tips on your side. Here are some simple recommendations that will make cleaning your tiny home a breeze.

1. Start by getting a tiny house that is easy to clean.

Believe it or not, your choice of tiny house can have a huge impact on cleaning and other daily chores.

This photo of the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Kennedy park model home shows off a feature that makes cleaning easy:

Check out that wide open hardwood floor extending seamlessly from one end of the home to the other.

There are no carpets to worry about vacuuming and cleaning. All you need to do on a daily basis is a quick sweep from the back of the home to the front. On occasion, you can mop. It only takes a couple minutes a day to keep your floors spotless in a home like this.

2. Organize your tiny house.

Another trick to keeping a tiny house clean is to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Some people urge tiny house dwellers to adopt a minimalist lifestyle—but that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And thankfully, it doesn’t have to be.

The Woodland Park Timber Ridge Woodlands Vault is packed with storage in every room. By keeping your stuff in cabinets, you can prevent your items from getting dusty, reducing the amount of cleaning you need to do.

This photo shows one of the Woodlands Vault’s most unique features—a set of pull-out storage compartments that run underneath the raised sitting room floor.

As you can see, these compartments are perfect for storing bulky items you might use for outdoor activities. But along with keeping these items from cluttering up your interior, they also give you a spot where you can store items that might be dirty from hiking, kayaking, gardening, etc. That way, you do not bring dirty hobby supplies, yard tools, sports equipment or children’s outdoor toys inside.

3. Tidy your tiny house as you go.

It can be tempting to try and “set and forget” when it comes to cleaning a tiny house. After all, the small interior seems like it shouldn’t present a lot of work.

But you would be surprised how quickly cleaning tasks can pile up in a small space. So, try and keep up with them on a daily schedule. Even if you just spend 5-10 minutes doing some quick cleaning tasks every day, it will make a huge difference. If you make it part of your regular routine, after a while, you will not even think about it.

4. Stock up on the right cleaning supplies.

The right supplies will go a long way toward helping you keep your tiny house clean.

In particular, it is worth purchasing a high quality, lightweight, compact vacuum cleaner if you do have any carpeting in your tiny house (up in the loft, for example). Get one that comes with a long extension and a range of attachments. That way, you can get into nooks and crannies throughout your house.

5. Avoid the wrong cleaning supplies.

On that note, there are some cleaning supplies that are not very useful to have in a tiny house. Anything that is bulky, cumbersome and rarely used is something you should consider skipping.

For example, do you really need a bucket for mopping your floor? Probably not. You won’t be doing it all that often, and when you do, it will actually be faster and easier just to use a spray bottle with some soapy water on your floor as you go. That way, you also will not be wasting your limited space with a bucket.

6. Don’t track in dirt.

One of the single best pieces of advice we can give you to help you keep your tiny house clean is to mind what you are tracking in from outside.

When you are living in a park model home, every part of your house is relatively close to the door, and foot traffic all flows along just a few key pathways.

That means that if someone walks into your house with muddy shoes, that mud will get everywhere fast.

There are several simple workarounds to deal with this issue, which we will explain below.

One simple solution is to put a mat just inside your door where people can wipe their feet. Double up on it—put a second mat on the porch just outside your door if you can. Make sure everyone in the household takes the time to wipe their shoes on the mats before walking inside.

Better yet, encourage people to remove their shoes just inside the door and set them on the floor or inside a cubby or plastic bin.

If anyone does track dirt, mud and debris inside, clean it up as quickly as you can so it does not spread.

Some of our park model homes also include another solution—a second door in the back hallway right near the bathroom.

This door provides quick access to the bathroom, ideal for when it just is not possible to clean up near the front door adequately. We recommend a layout like this if you do a lot of yard work and gardening, or if you have kids or pets that come in especially dirty.

Get an Easy-to-Clean Park Model Home

By following the tips in this post, you should find it easy to keep up with cleaning your tiny house.

If any of the houses in this post caught your eye, please give us a call. We would love to help you move into your own beautiful park model home.