Thinking about downsizing and making the move into a tiny house? If so, you probably already can envision some of the benefits of tiny living. But you might be looking to learn more. After all, many of us grew up in larger suburban houses. If you have never lived in a small space, you may wonder whether a drastic downsize is worth it.

But you know what? Moving into a tiny house can bring so many positive changes to your life. Let’s take a look at the top benefits you can look forward to!


What are the Benefits of Living in a Tiny House?


1. A traditional home experience in a small, portable footprint.

One reason some people hesitate to downsize to a tiny house is because they imagine that they will be losing a lot of the comforts of living in a full-size traditional house.

But actually, you may be surprised by just how similar the experience of living in a tiny house can be to that of living in a regular suburban home.

Champion Athens APH-528 - Exterior

Our park model homes are “best of both worlds” tiny houses. As you can see, they look a lot like the stick-built homes you are used to.

They are actually classified as RVs, not “tiny houses,” which makes them a more flexible option than a lot of other tiny homes with respect to zoning.

And, of course, they are fully portable! From now, on, relocating doesn’t have to mean leaving home behind. Instead, you can take it with you wherever life takes you.


2. Cut the costs of living.

It usually costs significantly less to purchase a tiny house than it does a full-size house. Not only that, but a smaller space is less expensive to heat, cool, and maintain.

So, if you are looking to save, tiny living may make a huge difference in your life. It may be easier for you to pursue your financial goals and provide for yourself or your family.


3. A place for everything.

Worried that if you downsize to a tiny house, you won’t have enough storage space for all of your things?

Less square footage doesn’t have to mean giving up the things or activities you love. Clever layouts provide ample storage space for all of your things.

The example you see here is our Woodlands Vault model, which features a raised living room floor for a massive amount of storage underneath! We used pull-out drawers to make it easy to access all of your gear.


4. Live a more eco-friendly life.

Champion Athens Model APH-536 - Kitchen to Living RoomIf protecting the environment is important to you, moving into a tiny house can help you do your part.

Our park models include energy-efficient lighting, heating, and air conditioning, as well as large windows you can open for a cross-breeze and ceiling fans to circulate the air.

That way, you can minimize your carbon footprint while living comfortably in your tiny home in every season.


5. A custom home at an affordable price.

One of the best things about buying a tiny home is that you can customize it to express your personality and fit your lifestyle.

We offer variations on our most popular layouts so you can choose a configuration that suits your needs (i.e. lofted or non-lofted).

We also offer numerous options for materials and finishes for the exterior and interior.

Plus, for most of our homes, there are optional add-ons. You can go with the most basic version of a house to save money, or, if your budget allows it, you can add on some more luxury features.

So, the home you buy will truly be your home in a way that a cookie-cutter suburban house could never be.


6. Be more connected to the world outside your doors.

Do you long for a greater connection with the outdoors? Tiny houses are built to take full advantage of their surroundings, offering a combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Take our popular 15’ wide Athens 520, which sports a huge wraparound porch, complete with the option for a wood-burning fireplace. You could not ask for a better spot to entertain, or just to enjoy the fresh air. Whether it is a warm summer night or a brisk winter day, you’ll be able to do so in total comfort.


We also make a point of including large windows in our houses.

The Crystal Peak, for instance, features an entire wall of windows and a dramatic vaulted ceiling. These windows flood the interior with natural light and offer breathtaking views. So even when you are inside the house, you can enjoy the majesty of your outdoor surroundings!


7. Embrace simplicity, ease, and peace of mind.

One more key benefit of moving into a tiny house is that it simplifies many aspects of your life.

Your financial life will be less stressful, because you will be saving money. Your day-to-day life will be less hectic, because you won’t need to spend as much time cleaning and maintaining your home as you would a full-size house.

Additionally, if you have a family, you’ll always be close to your loved ones in a tiny house. Our park models offer a combination of downstairs bedrooms and loft spaces. You can customize railings and partitions to offer the ideal balance of privacy and connection.

That makes it easy to keep up with running a household. You can be downstairs in the kitchen preparing dinner and be able to answer your child’s homework question while they are up in the loft, all without dropping your spatula.


Is Tiny Living Right for You? Find Out Now

Now you know some of the numerous benefits of living in a tiny house! To find out if tiny living is the right move for you, please contact us today at 888-222-2699. We can help you customize one of our innovative floor plans to meet your needs.