For many people moving into a tiny home, downsizing is part of the appeal. Others may wonder how they will ever get used to living with less. Regardless of your situation, downsizing can offer quite a few lifestyle advantages.

In this post, we will go over some of the benefits of downsizing to a tiny house. We will then share some simple steps to downsize successfully as you move into your new park model.

Why Downsize to a Park Model Home?

1. Say goodbye to all the clutter.

Who needs clutter everywhere? When you downsize your possessions and move into a smaller home, you may be surprised by how much your space opens up. Just look how roomy and comfortable the Champion Athens APH 518 is.

2. Spend less time cleaning and organizing.

Champion Athens APH-528 - Living Room to Kitchen

Consider how long it takes to clean a full-size traditional home. By contrast, you will spend a lot less time with routine chores in a park model home. Think how quickly you could sweep clean the beautiful hardwood floor in our Athens 528 model.

3. Reduce your utilities costs.

With a smaller space to light, heat and cool, you will save money on your utilities bills.

4. Improve accessibility.

Champion Athens APH-522 - Bedroom 4

In general, it is easier to get around a smaller space, especially for those who are disabled. In the past, many tiny houses lacked downstairs bedrooms. But that has largely changed. Models like our Athens 522 include a downstairs bedroom and no loft.

5. Spend more time with loved ones.

With their smaller square footage, open floor plans, and minimal obstructions between the loft and the kitchen/living room, park model homes help you stay in closer contact with family throughout the day.

In the Palm Harbor Pacifica Lodge pictured here, you can easily visualize working in the kitchen while your kids do their homework up in the loft. If they have questions or need your help, they can call right down to you.

6. Move easily.

Downsizing your home and possessions makes it so much easier to move. If you need to relocate, you can bring your entire house with you and keep everything inside.

7. Stress less and get more out of life.

When you are spending less time cleaning and organizing, you have more time to do the activities you enjoy. Plus, for many people, having lots of possessions may be a source of stress. Downsizing can help you relax and feel more free.

8. Let go of the past.

The process of decluttering in preparation for a move into a tiny house can be liberating. You can release the past and focus on your future.

9. Live more simply.

Embrace a simple and carefree life by downsizing. With needless complexities out of your way, you can concentrate on what really matters.

How to Downsize to a Park Model Home

Now that you know the many benefits of downsizing, let’s go over how to do it. It may seem overwhelming at first, but after you read the steps below, you will be ready to make it happen.

1. Get rid of duplicate items.

The easiest starting point for downsizing is to declutter any duplicate items you own. There is no reason to have two of anything unless you live on a tight budget and know you will need the item in a few years (i.e. extra shoes).

2. Get a couple of large plastic bins for donations and recycling.

Next, donate (or sell, when possible) all other things you do not want to keep. Having a couple of big storage tubs at the ready will make it easy for you to sort through items and make trips to the thrift store. Items that are irrevocably broken or unsafe need to be recycled.

A lot of people will urge you to get aggressive about decluttering. But that is not necessary. You may be startled by how much you can fit in a tiny house! If decluttering aggressively is part of your goal, go for it. But you do not need to torture yourself parting with sentimental items you treasure. You will find a place for them.

3. Don’t forget friends and family.

Unfortunate as it is, thrift stores actually throw away a lot of donations. So, if possible, gift items to friends and family members who might appreciate them. That way, your unwanted items are most likely to go to good use.

This can also be a good downsizing strategy for items you want to get rid of, but feel attached to. Knowing a friend is enjoying them can make it much easier to let go.

4. Rent a storage unit.

You do not need to fit everything you own into your park model home. Extra items can go in storage. With the money you will be saving through downsizing, you may find it easy to afford the extra monthly bill.

5. Get space-efficient furnishings.

As you downsize, you can donate many of your furnishings or put them in storage. For the rest, consider replacing bulky furnishings with more compact, minimalist designs. You can also get furniture that can pull double-duty. For example, a sleeper sofa can expand to serve as a bed. A table can be used as a desk. A seat can open to reveal storage.

6. Choose a home that offers clever storage possibilities.

One more tip for downsizing is to select a park model home layout that maximizes storage space through smart design.

Take a look at the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Woodlands Vault.

This model is named for the spacious storage vault concealed under the raised living room floor. Even bulky, oblong items store easily in these pull-out compartments.

You can access compartments under the living room floor from the kitchen as well for convenient appliance storage. Note how the raised floor makes the seating area feel no less roomy and accommodating. In fact, it helps define it as its own space distinct from the kitchen.

Downsizing to a park model home is a big decision, but it is one that can pay off in a simpler lifestyle that is more cost-effective and less stressful. You will spend less time on chores and more time on the people and activities that mean the most to you.

Looking for personalized recommendations on park model home layouts that will help you maximize space and downsize with ease? Please fill out our contact form or give us a call today.