Tiny House Floor Plan Ideas

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when shopping for a tiny house or park model home is what kind of layout your home will have.

Your home’s floor plan will determine a great deal about how it looks and feels. It will also impact everything from ventilation to natural light to privacy.

In this post, we are going to share a few of our favorite floor plans with you. Let’s jump in!

1. Athens 522 Loft

First on our list is the Athens 522 Loft model. This model has a cozy, homey feel while packing in a surprising amount of space.

The home measures 25’8” long, and 15’ wide, providing a total of 385 square feet of floor space on the ground floor. The loft adds additional floor space upstairs, suitable for an extra bedroom, a home office, storage, or a flex space.

The kitchen is all against one wall, leaving the living room wide open. The possibilities are all yours to imagine—and create!

Ideal For: A balance between a cozy atmosphere and impressive square footage makes this layout a favorite among our customers.

2. Athens 520

Champion Athens Model 520 - Exterior

For a spacious model that unites indoors and outdoors for a flow of flexible living space, consider the Athens 520.

Champion Athens Model 520 - Living Room 2

At 399.8 square feet, this home is even larger than the Athens 522 Loft model. In fact, it is the most popular 15’ wide model we offer.

Champion Athens Model 520 - Porch

Along with a modern, light-filled interior, this home’s defining feature is its huge wraparound porch, complete with a fireplace.

Ideal For: Love hosting outdoor parties, or just want to lounge on your porch and enjoy the scenery? You cannot beat the Athens 520.

3. Woodlands Vault

One common concern that many people share when downsizing to a tiny house is, “Will it have enough storage space?”

The Woodland Park Timber Ridge Woodlands Vault is our answer to that question.

This clever design features a living room that is raised up above the kitchen. The result is extra storage space under the living room floor, accessible indoors and out.

Ideal For: The Woodlands Vault is a great layout if you want to maximize storage space within a small footprint.

4. Woodland Park Timber Ridge Grand Tetons

The moment you approach this park model home, your eyes are drawn to its stunning windows. You just know that its 399 square feet of space are going to be drenched with natural light.

Not only do those big windows let in light and views, but they conspire with the high ceiling to create a sense of unparalleled openness in the sitting area and kitchen.

Ideal For: If you want to live in a tiny house that feels spectacularly big, you will love the luxurious layout of the Grand Tetons park model.

5. Woodland Park Timber Ridge Arlington

Are you looking for a park model layout that is ideal for kids? The Arlington is a 399-square-foot tiny house that offers a layout that will make the whole family feel right at home.

Woodland Park Model Timber Ridge Arlington (TR-207) - Floor Plan

The genius of this layout is that the master bedroom is at one end of the house, while a second bedroom with bunk beds is located at the opposite end.

That means that parents and kids can enjoy privacy from each other in their bedrooms without a direct line of sight. This is an alternative to the common layout that has the kids’ bedroom up in the loft and directly connected to the main living area.

But the main living space’s central location in the Arlington also means that family interaction in the home’s common space remains central to everyday living. The result is perfect balance in daily interactions.

Ideal For: The Arlington model is ideal for a family with multiple children who will be sharing a room. The kids have their own space, while the adults can enjoy the seclusion of the master bedroom.

6. Denali Dunn Unit 201

The Denali Dunn Unit 201 is a breathtaking park model home with a variety of compelling features. As you can see, the layout includes an impressive set of bayed windows spanning the front end of the home. With the windows projecting outward, the interior is airy and open.

Like quite a few of our park models, the Denali Dunn’s floor plan includes a downstairs bedroom located at the back of the home behind the kitchen.

While there is no loft for extra storage space, there are also no stairs to worry about climbing. That means this home offers superior comfort and accessibility.

Ideal For: The Denali Dunn is an excellent option for anyone looking for a tiny house that offers breathtaking views and lots of light.

It is also a good choice for seniors or other individuals who are unable to climb stairs, or simply prefer not to.

Have you fallen in love with one of these park model home floor plans? Please give us a call or fill out the form below to request a consult. We would love to help you customize one of our beautiful park models to become your perfect home.