Today we have a treat for you: the newly-upgraded Woodland Park Everglades park model home. We are going to take you on a guided tour through this luxurious tiny house so you can imagine for yourself what it would be like to call it home.

Tiny Home Features

  • The non-lofted Everglades tiny house features an accessible layout.
  • This turn-key home comes with modern appliances.
  • Contrasting colors offer bold visual appeal.
  • A downstairs bedroom and a roomy bathroom make for comfortable living.

Let’s check it out room by room!

We’ll start our tour on the outside of the home. What will instantly grab your attention when you are looking at the Everglades is the contrasting color scheme we chose for this particular house. The white vinyl siding and black trim draw emphasis to the strong horizontal lines in the home’s design.

The large, sheltered porch offers plenty of space to set up at least a couple of chairs where you can relax in the fresh air.

You will notice that the roofline for this home is varied. The ceilings of the living room, kitchen and bathroom are high and flat, while the ceiling in the bedroom is peaked. This helps to create further visual interest while also defining the bedroom as distinct from the main living areas.

Now let’s step inside! The front door features internal blinds for dust-free privacy. As a sliding door, it has a clean, modern look.

Like the rest of the homes we sell, the Everglades is big on windows. Along with the large windows that are distributed around the sitting room, there are high clerestory windows that bring in extra natural light from above. Combined with the high ceiling, that is how we achieve the iconic airy look for which our homes are known.

To the right of the back window, you can see the large electric fireplace and entertainment center built into this tiny house.

Notice how the dark trim helps to draw the eye around the home, emphasizing the simple shapes and forms that define the space. A monochromatic color scheme makes for a neutral, grounded environment where you can feel centered and relaxed.

The kitchen is one of the highlights of the new Everglades. It boasts a full set of stainless steel appliances, including a dishwasher (you can see it to the left of the farmhouse sink). There is also a propane stove, a microwave (convection is available as an option), and an 18 cubic foot fridge/freezer.

While a hutch offers extra storage in the kitchen, you can choose to add a kitchen island if you want.

Also take note of the stylish gray and white tile backsplash that beautifully matches the monochromatic color scheme carried throughout the home.

While the hallway is narrow, it doesn’t feel cramped since it features the same high ceilings found in the main living areas.

On the left, you can see some louvered doors. Behind them is where your washer and dryer can go. If you do not want a washer and dryer, you can just use this extra space for storage. Right next to it is a linen cabinet, so either way, you have storage space in the hallway.

The cabinets and counter in the bathroom match those in the kitchen, creating a coordinated look throughout your home. You will notice there is a ton of space on the counter. This is ideal if you like to spread out your hygiene and grooming supplies as you get ready in the morning. The medicine cabinets feature triple mirrors, letting you view yourself at every angle.

The upgraded shower has a shallow pan, making it easy to get in and out, which maximizes accessibility. The tall ceiling in the bathroom keeps the whole room feeling spacious, and also guarantees that you’ll have all the overhead clearance you could need as you shower. There is some additional storage space next to the shower.

It is also worth mentioning that you can open the bathroom window. That is very important in a tiny house since you will need to air out the moisture in this room to prevent mold.

Finally, this non-lofted model features a beautiful downstairs bedroom, another great accessibility feature. The box frame you see here can accommodate a queen size mattress. Cabinets are built in around the headboard. There are also nightstands to either side plus USB outlets for when you want to charge or use your devices.

Across from the bed is all the storage space you could ask for in the form of a chest of drawers and a set of closets. The open space above the dresser can either be used for storage or for a TV. Above the closets is a wide open space along the ceiling where you can store even more of your stuff.

That wraps up our tour of the upgraded Everglades. If you are interested in getting your own Everglades park model home, please call us at 888-222-2699 for a quote. There are countless ways you can customize this tiny house to fit your needs. We look forward to helping you move into this beautiful turn-key home.