In a previous post, we talked about some of your options for where you can place a park model home, including RV parks, mobile home parks, or private property you own or plan to buy.

But sometimes, you may find yourself in a scenario where there is a specific site already locked in for your park model home.

So, in this post, instead of discussing how you can choose the right spot for your park model home, we will focus on how you can make the spot you have work for you.

1. Choose a model that will complement your site and prioritize views or privacy as needed.

If you still have not selected a model of park model home, you should consider the site and how it will impact your everyday life. Ask yourself:

  • Will I have privacy on the site, or will there be neighbors close by?

  • Does the site have picturesque scenery?

  • What is the climate like?

A model like the Athens Champion- APH 527 that features huge windows is great for scenic spots with lots of privacy.

But a more enclosed model like the Athens 531 may be suitable if other people will be living right near you.

Champion Athens APH-531 - Exterior

A model like this one with its sloped roof is also excellent for a site that receives a lot of rain or snow.

2. If you can, place your home under shade.

One way to get some natural cooling during the summer is to try and position your home underneath some shade if possible. If you can choose between multiple sites, see if there is one that features one or more trees, or a high rock wall, or another source of shade through part of the day.

3. Consider facing windows away from the sun.

Speaking of staying cool, if your park model features a wall of windows, you might want to position it in such a way that you minimize the amount of direct sunlight that streams through them throughout the day.

Doing so will keep those windows from acting like the wall of a greenhouse and trapping heat.

4. Orient the house so that you can take in picturesque views.

When you have a home like our Athens-Silvercrest ATH-06 and a scenic location, you should see if it is possible to position your home on the landscape in such a way that you can gaze out at those beautiful views each day through your large windows.

5. Take advantage of wind for natural cooling.

Pictured here is our Timber Ridge Everglades. As you can see, large doors and windows in this home make it possible to set up a cross-breeze.

At some sites, it is common for the wind to blow in a particular direction. As an example, this may be the case if you have a location near the sea.

If you have your choice of how to orient your home, you could place it in such a way that the breeze will generally blow straight through your home from one side to the opposite.

6. Choose the right type of foundation.

Another consideration when it comes to your park model home site is the foundation on which you will place your abode.

You will need to check with your local jurisdiction to find out what the regulations are that govern foundations for park model homes.

In some cases, the rules may be extremely specific, and you will only have a single option for your foundation. In others, you might have multiple options, at which point you can consider the site itself as well as your plans and needs to pick the right type of foundation.

7. Put in fencing or privacy plants as needed to make your outdoor space functional and inviting.

Finally, we have been focusing on how the specific site you choose at your location as well as the orientation of your home on the landscape can affect your living experience inside the home. But what about your outdoor spaces?

If you have your own private land, making the most of your outdoor spaces is as simple as doing whatever you want with your landscaping.

If you are going to be living in a mobile home park, you will need to start by looking up the park rules.

Within those rules, if it is possible for you to take steps to increase your privacy, doing so can be well worthwhile.

Many newcomers to the RV and mobile home park life are surprised by just how close they live to their neighbors, and how visible their activities are to other residents.

But with a fence or some bushes to act as a privacy screen, you can have a more secluded atmosphere as you sit on your porch or make use of your yard.

Enjoy Your Park Model Home Site

That wraps up our recommendations! Taking time to carefully choose how you orient your park model home and sprucing up your outdoor space will help you to make the most of your park model home site. Whether you are in a mobile home park or on a remote piece of private land, you will be loving the tiny life.

Need help selecting the park model home that will be the ideal fit for your site? Please fill out our contact form or give us a call today.