If you are in the market for a vacation home, consider purchasing a park model home. These tiny houses offer numerous benefits that make them the ideal option for your second home. Let’s explore some top reasons to buy a tiny vacation home.

  1. Park model houses are low-maintenance.

One of the things that tends to catch people off-guard when they buy their first vacation home is the ongoing cleaning and maintenance requirements for that home. Keeping up with these can be a challenge if you live many hours away from your vacation home.

Above, you see the interior of our Kropf Island 6243 model. You can appreciate how easy to clean this home would be thanks to its open, airy design and hardwood floors. Sweeping from one end of the house to the next is a breeze.

Since a tiny house is small, you also have fewer surfaces to clean in general, and less overall to maintain.

  1. A tiny home brings a vacation home within budget.

Champion Athens Model APH-516 - Exterior Model

With today’s high housing costs, many people will never be able to afford to purchase a second full-size house as a vacation home. But you may be able to afford a park model house. It can be the key to unlocking a dream you previously believed would not come true.

  1. You can rent out the tiny home when you are not using it.

There are going to be months out of the year when you are in your primary residence, and your vacation home is sitting empty. It makes sense to rent it out.

Tiny houses have become very trendy rentals! Not only are they in high demand, but they offer a number of benefits that make them ideally suited to this use. Find out more about why tiny houses are ideal for renting out to earn some extra income.

  1. You are not locked in with where you put the tiny house.

When you buy a traditional home on a foundation to serve as a vacation home, you do not have the option of picking that home up and moving it in the future. You are locked into that location until you sell the house.

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a vacation home is choosing a home in the wrong location.

They may have only ever have experienced life in that location during peak season, for example, and be surprised by what it is like to own a home there year-round.

Or they might have picked a location that is far away from their primary residence, only to later regret the logistical inconveniences that came with that decision.

And sometimes there are situations that simply result from nature. Maybe climate change is bringing more and more harsh weather to an area, making it less liveable later down the road.

If you make this sort of mistake after buying a park model home, however, you are not forced to sell the house or live with the mistake.

Instead, you can simply move the park model home to another site in the future. Moving a tiny house is expensive and labor-intensive, but at least you do not have to sell your beloved home and buy a different one.

  1. You can personalize the tiny home to your heart’s content.

One more reason to consider a park model home for a vacation home is the ease with which you can customize every feature.

Your vacation home is a special place where you go to relax, create memories, and experience the magic of being home away from home. Fully personalizing your space can make it feel cozy and “yours,” while also giving you an extra sense of luxury while you are on vacation.

Trying to personalize a full-size home to this degree would take a lot more time, effort and expense than doing the same with a tiny house.

Additionally, you do not need to worry about furnishing your park model vacation home. When you buy a home from Park Model Homes, you are getting a turnkey home that includes all the furnishings and appliances you need for immediate use. Just place the home in your vacation spot, and you can begin enjoying it right away.

Ready to get your own tiny vacation home? If you are interested in any of the park model home models we showcased in this post, please contact us. We can help you choose a floor plan and customize it.