Today we have an exciting treat for you—a tour of the brand new Champion Athens 100 Series Park Model. As you are going to see, this park model home is packed with space, and includes some deluxe features in the kitchen and bathroom that make for luxurious living. Let’s check it out.

This particular model features an eye-catching color scheme: gray siding with black trim and posts, along with black windows. Of course, when you buy a home from Park Model Homes, you can pick any colors you want.

The 8-foot porch at the front of the house offers a roomy, shaded outdoor living space. There is plenty of space here to set up a few chairs and even a table if you like to dine outside. The full-window front door has internal blinds, and a porch light ensures that you can find your keys quickly and easily with ample illumination.

The black metal roof you see here is a brand new color option. As you can see, it is a mono-slope design, giving the house a sleek, modern profile and shedding rain and snow with ease. That is a big deal with a park model home, as it prevents pooling and leaking on the roof. Let’s head inside.

Here is a look at the kitchen, including black cabinets—another new color option you can now choose when you are customizing one of our park model homes.

This is a turn-key home that comes with a full set of kitchen appliances already installed, including a stove, a microwave, and a beautiful stainless steel fridge/freezer unit.

Taking a step further back, you can get a good look at the kitchen island. There are a couple of things we love about its design. First of all, the raised bar in the back is a separate surface, helping to break up the island’s dual functions. Secondly, on the other side of it, there is a dishwasher!

You can barely see it in this image, but if you look at the left-hand side of the island, that is where the dishwasher is situated.

This is a feature you will not find in every tiny house. Of course, the farmhouse sink also gives you plenty of room if you want to hand-wash your dishes.

Like many other features in our homes, the dishwasher is optional. If you don’t need or want a dishwasher, we can just put another cabinet in there so you have extra storage space.

This photo shows off the entertainment center that is built into the living room, complete with wood accent boards, cabinets and floating shelves. We can put in an electric fireplace if you would like one where you currently see the center cabinets.

You can also appreciate how big the windows are in this image, and how much natural light they bring into the home.

Clerestory windows like this one bring light in from above.

Here’s a look at the loft with its easy-clean vinyl flooring. This space is large enough to serve as a second bedroom if you want, or you can use it as a flex room or storage area.

You can stack a washer and dryer in this part of the hallway. You can use a gas or electric dryer.

Here is the bathroom, one of the most exciting rooms in the house. While you cannot see it in this photo, there is a window right above the toilet that you can open, which is awesome for ventilating this space and preventing mildew. The most impressive part of the bathroom, however, is below.

Wow! How often do you see a shower this size in a tiny house? The stall measures 60”, and includes a recessed headwell. So, anyone can use this shower without feeling cramped.

The bedroom can fit a queen-size bed. The closets feature rolling barn doors which save space and bring some farmhouse-style charm to the bedroom. In between them, there is room for a TV on top of the chest of drawers.

You will notice how high the ceilings are in the bedroom, and how this really opens up the space. The windows bringing in light from above make it feel even more spacious.

If you enjoyed reading about the Champion Athens 100 Series Park Model, be sure to check out the video tour:

Please give us a call if you have fallen in love with the Athens 100 and are interested in moving into this model. We can help you customize this beautiful park model home to make it truly your own.