• APS-601-Exterior-4
  • APS-601-Exterior-4
  • APS-601-floor-plans
  • APS-601-Living-Room-1
  • APS-601-Living-Room1
  • APS-601-Living-Room2
  • APS-601-Kitchen-1
  • APS-601-Kitchen-2
  • APS-601-Kitchen-3
  • APS-601-Kitchen-4
  • APS-601-Kitchen-5
  • APS-601-Bedroom-3
  • APS-601-Bedroom-4
  • APS-601-Bath-1
  • APS-601-Bath-2
  • APS-601-Exterior-1
  • APS-601-Exterior-2
  • APS-601-Exterior-3

Champion Athens – APS 601

This version of the Champion Athens – APS 601 features a 6’ porch and 399 feet of living space. Entering, you step inside a large living room and kitchen with sunlight pouring down through clerestory windows on all sides. Venturing toward the back of the home, you pass by a space for a washer and dryer to the bedroom and connecting bathroom. The downstairs bedroom features a dresser and a double set of closets. Every aspect of this home can be customized to your needs. Call us today for a personalized quote.

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