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  • APH-527-B-SL-floor-plans
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  • AthensPark527stairway
  • AthensPark527hallway1
  • AthensPark527kitchen3
  • AthensPark527bathroom1

Athens Champion- APH 527

The Athens 527 SL is a 34’10” x 11’2” tiny house which offers 399 square feet of space. Distinguished by its pentagon window in front and cathedral peak, it features an attractive shape inside and out. A shiplap ceiling in the living room adds visual appeal to the seating area. In the kitchen are a deep farmhouse sink and a set of stainless steel appliances. The bathroom features a shower with two seats and a recessed ceiling to accommodate tall occupants. There is room for a stacked washer/dryer, and also a downstairs bedroom with two closets.

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