In many tiny houses, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether or not it has a central location (and it often does), it is where at least one member of the family will spend a substantial amount of time each day.

For that reason, it is worth putting some extra thought into how you will make your tiny house kitchen work for you.

This post will go over some considerations for customizing the layout, appearance and functionality of your kitchen in your park model home.

1. Start by choosing the right layout.

Customizing your park model home kitchen actually starts with choosing the right model of home to begin with.

With a lot of park model homes, we have the kitchen in the middle of the floor plan. On one side is the living room; on the other is a hallway leading to the downstairs bedroom and bathroom. You can see an example of this in the Athens 528 below:

Champion Athens APH-528 - Dining Bar

But there are also park model homes that feature the kitchen at one end of the home. Here is an example in the form of our Woodland Park Front Kitchen model:

You will need to think about he types of meals you like to cook, how you like to arrange your pots, pans and ingredients, and what layout would be most beneficial to you.

While we are talking about how the layout of your park model home can impact the design of your kitchen, we also want to show you a unique feature in the Timber Ridge Woodlands Vault model:

Notice the raised floor in the living room. If you look near the floor of the kitchen, you can see a couple of cabinet doors. These provide access to extra storage space underneath the living room floor that is accessible from the kitchen.

This is an ideal spot for you to keep those large pots, pans and appliances that you may not have found a space for in some of your other cabinets.

2. Customize your cabinets, countertop and backsplash.

Once you choose a layout for your kitchen, you can customize the surfaces. That means choosing materials and colors for the cabinets and countertops. The options you go with can dramatically transform the character of the kitchen.

The backsplash in your kitchen is another key aesthetic consideration. In fact, a beautiful, eye-catching backsplash can lend an artistic quality to your home.

3. Customize your appliances.

Next, there are a couple of things you can customize with respect to your appliances:

  • Appearance

  • Power source

Depending on the power options for your park model home, you might be able to get a fully electric stove. But in some cases, you may need (or prefer) to go with propane.

We give our customers the option to choose between black and stainless steel appliances. The cost of stainless steel appliances is not much more than the cost for black ones, so for many buyers, the choice is not constrained by budgetary concerns. You may be able to make your choice based on looks alone.

4. Install additional shelves.

For many of our customers, the ample cabinet space in our park model home kitchens provides more than enough room for all necessary storage in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, there may be situations where you are looking for some extra storage. Thankfully, that can be easy to do with some layouts.

Scroll back up and take another glance at the Woodland Park Front Kitchen model. Notice the floating shelves.

If you have some extra wall space in your tiny home kitchen, floating shelves are an excellent way to customize your storage.

Not only do they have an unobtrusive, low-profile design, but they offer you the utmost flexibility. You can arrange them as needed, even if that means spacing them irregularly.

5. Custom storage solutions

One more way you can personalize the design of your tiny house kitchen is with the inclusion of fully customized storage solutions.

For example, let’s say you are a lover of fine wines. You could at some point have a custom wine cabinet installed in your kitchen that is designed for the efficient use of limited space. It could even double as a kitchen island or fulfill some other dual function.

6. Lighting

Yet another way to customize your kitchen is in terms of the lighting. Consider your options for overhead lighting as well as lighting installed inside or underneath your cabinets.

Custom lighting can make it easier to work in the kitchen, but it also can help to create a pleasing ambiance that you can enjoy as you are cooking.

With the right customization options, your tiny house kitchen can be the spacious, accommodating environment you need to prepare all of your favorite meals in comfort. To find out more about the kitchen customization options we offer, please contact us today. We are excited to help you design the ideal park model home with a kitchen you will love.