With many rooms in your tiny house, storage is a built-in feature. In the kitchen or bathroom, for example, you will mostly be relying on the cabinets that come with your home. Even bedrooms in our park model homes come with built-in closet space and a dresser.

But the loft is a part of your tiny house which is totally free and flexible to use however you want. That means you also have complete freedom for how you store and organize your items in your loft. This post will give you a few ideas and recommendations for how you can make the most of this flexible space.

  1. Use the entire space for storage.

Park Model Homes 527 Rustic Bedroom

Above, you see the loft in our 527 Rustic park model home. Just look at all that wide open space waiting for you to use it however you like.

In fact, one thing you can do is dedicate your entire loft to storage. This is an option if your downstairs living areas are meeting all of your needs, and you have a bunch of stuff that might otherwise need to go into a storage unit.

If you do use the loft entirely for storage, we suggest that you create a careful inventory of everything you are putting up there, and come up with a methodical system for sorting and labeling your storage boxes.

Additionally, be sure to leave some pathways clear so you can easily walk around to find what you need.

  1. Use one half of a split loft for storage.

Some of our models, like the ATH-06 pictured above, feature a cool split loft layout. You head up the flight of stairs to the right to access one side of the double loft or to the left to access the other. As you can see, they form two distinct spaces.

What is awesome about this layout is that you can dedicate one of the double lofts to storage, and leave the other open to serve as a living space.

  1. Install cabinets or shelves.

Skyline 1934CT - Split Loft (Rear Loft)

Here you see the Skyline Shore Park 1934AD. As you can see, it has a storage cabinet already pre-installed.

When you work with us on designing your custom tiny house, we can include built-in storage solutions like this one that are tailored to how you intend to use your loft space.

For instance, if you want to use the loft as a bedroom, you can get built-in bedside tables.

Of course, you can also install cabinets or shelves after you purchase your home. In some cases, you might not be exactly sure how you want to utilize the layout until after you start moving stuff in. At that point, you may have a better idea of what organizing systems will be most suited to your needs.

  1. Use attractive containers in cubbies.

While shelves and cabinets can work well in your tiny house loft, another idea is to use storage cubbies. You can place plastic storage totes, baskets, or other types of containers in your cubbies. This is a storage system that is easy to personalize to your aesthetic tastes, especially since you can always do some craft projects to decorate your containers.

  1. Use storage that doubles as furniture.

Finally, let’s say you are using your loft as a living space, but you also have plenty of items to store.

Along with regular shelves, cabinets and containers, another idea is to invest in some furnishings that feature storage compartments.

A simple example would be a seat that is hollow, so you can open it up and keep stuff inside.

This is a great way to save space and maintain a clean, tidy look while getting a ton of use out of your loft. Since tiny houses have exploded in popularity, you should find plenty of products that can suit your needs.

Find Your Perfect Lofted Tiny House

Hopefully you will find some of these tiny house loft storage and organizing ideas useful when you are figuring out what to do with your own loft. It truly is one of the most versatile spaces in your tiny home.

If you want to learn more about the models we showed you in this post, please fill out our contact form or give us a call today. We would love to help you pick out a park model house that features the perfect loft design for your needs.