In a recent post, we shared some park model home floor plan ideas with you. But in that post, we did not get a chance to go over some of the key factors you should think about when you are deciding on a floor plan for your tiny house.

It is important to ask yourself the right questions to assess your needs. Let’s go over some of those questions now.

1. How many people will inhabit the house?

Your first consideration should be how many people will be living in the park model home. Do not forget to account for pets as well as any changes that might happen in the future (i.e. if you think you might have children later down the road).

You will need enough space for everyone to sleep and do their daily activities comfortably.

2. Are you putting the house in a park or on your own land?

Another good question to ask yourself is where you will be placing the home. If it will be on your own land with beautiful scenery surrounding you, a layout that features large windows and an open floor plan will make the most of those views. One great example is the Woodland Park Timber Ridge Denali:

Just imagine looking out of those huge windows at a view of the mountains, desert, or sea!

If you will be placing the home at a mobile home park, however, you might prefer a layout with fewer large windows such as the Palm Harbor Lodge Pacific:

Such a house still provides you with plenty of natural light, but it offers you a more private home environment.

3. What climate will you be living in?

Planning to live in a warm location? An open layout with windows positioned in such a way that you can create a cross breeze will help you too stay cool while reducing your energy costs.

4. Will someone be working from home?

If one or more people will be working at home, you might want to consider a layout that includes a second bedroom or a loft space that can be converted into a home office. That way, it will be easy to concentrate on your work even if others are sharing your living space.

5. How important is privacy for you?

Living in a tiny house with a family means finding a balance between privacy and communal living.

Depending on how your family relates, you might want a design with spaces that are more open or more enclosed.

One example of a layout that strikes a clever balance between the two is our Woodland Park Front Kitchen model:

As you can see, the loft features a wall with two windows instead of a railing. That way, an open flow of communication can exist between the main living space and the upstairs bedroom when desired. But when occupants in the loft want more privacy, they can pull curtains across the windows.

6. What are your accessibility needs?

If you do not want to have to climb stairs, there are many beautiful non-lofted park model homes now available featuring downstairs bedrooms.

An example is our popular Woodlands Vault Non-Loft model above. Layouts like these are ideal for seniors as well as people with disabilities.

7. What activities do household members need space for?

Think about what activities you and other members of your household want to do each day. You will need to have space available for at-home employment and school work, but do not forget about your hobbies.

Do you like to prepare elaborate meals in an extra large kitchen? Do you want an open space in your living room for yoga or dance? Do you want a flex room that you can use for crafting or another hobby?

8. What are your storage needs?

Some people massively downsize before moving into a tiny house. But not everybody who chooses tiny living is a minimalist.

If you will be bringing a lot of possessions with you to your tiny life, ensure that you are choosing a park model home layout that will give you the storage capacity you need.

We particularly recommend the Woodlands Vault lofted and non-lofted models, which include extra storage under the raised living room floor.

A configuration like this accomplishes two things. First of all, it gives you a place to store even large, unwieldy items.

Secondly, it keeps those items out of sight and out of your way. That way, you can enjoy a clutter-free existence in your tiny house.

9. How much time do you spend indoors vs. outdoors?

If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, think about choosing a tiny house that includes a large porch that provides you with shade and shelter. One example is our Athens Champion APH 527 Mono-slope.

10. Do you need room to entertain?

One more useful question to ask yourself when you are choosing a park model home layout is whether you want to be able to entertain guests.

A large porch is a great solution for seating your guests. But depending on the activities you enjoy as well as your climate, you might want to consider a layout that maximizes indoor space instead.

If you like to have guests overnight to stay, also make sure you have thought about where they will be able to sleep. Even if you live alone, this is a great reason to consider getting a park model that includes a loft or other spare room.

Hopefully asking yourself the questions above helped you figure out what you are looking for in a park model house floor plan. But if you could use some assistance assessing your needs, we would be glad to walk you through important considerations and help you find the perfect floor plan for your dream home.

To get started now, please give us a call or fill out our contact form.